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        Welcome to the Vermelho website, a small breeder situated in the Mauricie region of Quebec.

We have always had a passion for Setters. In 1992, we had Kelly, our first Irish Setter. After came Chanel, a female English Setter, and Hallison, a female Gordon Setter. Afterwards, Magic, a magnificient Gordon Setter came to live with us.

In 2005, we made the trip to New Jersey to adopt Melho, our beautiful female Irish Setter, she gave us the desire to start breeding Irish Setters.

After having loved and lived with the three different breeds of setter, our choice was set on the Irish. It is a superb and elegant dog, always in a good mood, loyal and affectionate but yet independent.

It is also a dog with a lot of vitality and that is very active. To live in harmony with an Irish Setter, it is important to give it a good education without screaming or physical punishments. This dog doesn’t tolerate brutality. It is important to be patient and tolerant and the setter will then become a marvellous companion who will love you more than anything.

This enthusiastic dog must run regularly to spend his energy and maintain his balance. Nothing will make him happier then long walks with you.

A dog who doesn’t exercise will rapidly develop behavioral problems. Therefore, he needs an active owner.


The Canadian Kennel Club
Irish Setter Club of Canada
Irish Setter Club of America
Canine Association of Mauricie
Agility Club of Trois-Rivières
Hunting Club CBFQ


We would like to thank Anna E Jones from Paterjay who gave us the chance to become breeders. We also wish to thank her for her good advice, kindness and confidence.

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